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Trifecta Multimedical Acquires Virtual Clinical Solutions

Los Angeles (June 27, 2012) - Trifecta Multimedical, one of the largest global providers of online clinical training solutions, announces the acquisition of Virtual Clinical Solutions (VCS).

“This acquisition merges VCS’ considerable experience implementing on-line training solutions and our sophisticated, purpose-built tools for global clinical trials. The merging of our two companies is a strategic move in which our complementary services can come together to target different demographics to more efficiently serve the industry as a whole,” says Trifecta Multimedical CEO Dave Young.

A specialist in providing virtual meetings and on-demand training content for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, VCS currently provides clinical trial services in 120 countries to more than 300,000 clinical researchers for pharmaceutical companies around the world. The company’s headquarters will re-locate to Los Angeles where Trifecta Multimedical is based, but will maintain a presence in Nashville, Tenn., site of its current headquarters.

“This is a significant step towards our joint goal of developing increasingly sophisticated solutions to raise the industry IQ,” says Young. “We look forward to welcoming all of VCS’s dedicated employees. VCS brings a tremendously skilled workforce, terrific customer loyalty and invaluable experience.”

A global leader in online investigator training since 2004, Trifecta has implemented online investigator solutions for hundreds of clinical trials that scale from a single study to global implementations for sponsors and clinical research organizations.

“We’re excited to have found the right home at Trifecta,” says Dale Jackson, CEO of VCS. “This is a great opportunity for VCS to thrive in partnership with Trifecta, enabling us to develop even more advanced online clinical training solutions than before.”